One of my favorite modern artists is Robert De Niro. No, not the Godfather but Roberd De Niro Senior, father to the ubiquitous character we all know and love. Born to an Italian American father and Irish American mother. De Niro studied art with Josef Albers and then later with Hans Hofman, both renowned modern artists in their own right. De Niro had a very instinctive approach to art and his studies with Hofman led him to be inspired by both abstract expressionism and cubist formalism. 



De Niro’s art found a place in post war America and his distinct style of abstract expressionism created much interest in his work. De Niro married a fellow artist, Virginia Admiral, whom he created an artist workspace with. The couple socialized heavily with other artists, writers and well known actors and De Niro soon rose to fame. In the early 1950s De Niro began showing his work at solo exhibits and by the mid 1950s he was exhibiting in group collections with other well respected modern American artists.


In the 1960s De Niro spent much time in France, painting, exhibiting and making a name for himself in Europe. De Niro had a naïve quality to his work that I really enjoy and his style is similar to that of my own.  Much of his art focused on abstract representations of curvaceous nudes and this is something that I am enjoying exploring during my art lessons. The college I am studying at often hires nude art models of varying shapes and sizes and putting my own interpretation of the curves and contours of the human body has been especially fascinating to me and, it turns out, I’m quite good at it.