1. Review Ice Age (2002)

  2.  Hey everybody, welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog. Today I am back at you with another movie review, a classic from my youth; 'Ice Age'. I scoured websites to find a used VHS copy as  the original VHS copies of these classic kids movies always seem better and finally found one at along with lots of other old used movies. Back to the mammoth meat of this article though, the classic Dreamworks animation film that is 'Ice Age'

Ice Age

Ice Age Movie

  1. A Plot for the Ages

    The original 'Ice Age' starts off with an introduction to what would become essentially the franchise player of the series, a sabre toothed squirrel named Scrat chasing after an acorn. As he proceeds to bash said acorn into the ground he starts a massive ice quake. This sets off a chain reaction ending with an avalanches that Scrat somehow manages to survive. This segues perfectly into an introduction of the speaking cast of the movie after showing off some really good animation for 2002 with all the different prehistoric megafauna (go look it up online at the mother nature network if you don’t know what it is) before showing us Sid the Giant Sloth. Sid is a very clumsy sloth, and within 3 minutes of screen time has two angry Brontops chasing after them. Sid is saved by the next main character, Manfred the Mammoth. Sid exclaims his thankfulness to Manny, and shares that he was left by his family who is migrating South with everyone else. Manny is heading north for unknown reasons and Sid feels like the best choice of action for him would be to follow. We jump scenes and are introduced to the other characters of this film, a pack of Smilidons who want to exact revenge on some humans for hunting their pack mates. One Smilidon; Diego; is tasked with following the humans to capture their baby. The baby however is intercepted by Mannny and Sid before Diego can find it and the unlikely trio set off to return this baby to its family. Or so it seems.  


Ray Roman as Manny the Mammoth

  1. An Heartfelt Moment

    An amazing cast really helped this movie to push it over the edge on the emotional notes. After a couple close calls, the trio has to take refuge in an ice cave and soon see it is filled with humorous references and ancient cave drawing, detailing the humans killing of the mammoth species. To this day, I do not know if the paintings we see are supposed to be depicting Manny's upbringing or not, as he seems to get very emotional over the young mammoth losing his family. This can just be empathy on the part of Manny(voiced by Ray Romero) to a young mammoth losing his parents or it could have deeper connections. It is in this cave that we also see Diego(voiced by comedian and actor Denis Leary) showing some care for his new found pack. A change of heart seems to take place, and in the following scenes with the showdown between the pack and the other Smilidons, Diego has switched sides and is surprises his old pack by defending Manny after Sid manages to pull some Smilidons away. The leader of the Smilidons takes and unfortunate tumble into a wall under some icicles and is presumably killed off screen, which is a little harsh for a dreamworks movie but what do you expect from someone who's first movies villain was a play of Fuckwad?


Lord Farquaad

  1. A Happy Ending

    Sid and Manny manage to deliver the baby to its mother, Diego rejoins them after being knocked unconscious in the earlier fight and all is well is the ancient world. The trio agree to form their own suedo-pack and are off for more adventures, each character feeling more at home and together than before their delivery. For me this was such a good ending, as it deals with the idea of a family not being such a strictly defined term. By the ends of the movie we have a Giant Sloth, a Wooly Mammoth, and a Smilidon forming their own close knit family. This was not actually the original idea for the ending however, as Diego was intended to die in the earlier confrontation but test audiences showed negative results such as children bursting into tears so the ending had to be redone. I personally think this served for a better ending, as after the trials these three had been through to have one of them left behind would have been devastating. I don't think they would have been able to do as many sequels either so I’m sure DreamWorks is happy.

  1. The Proper Way to Watch

    If any of you read my previous blog about home theatres, then you know I love curling up on the couch to watch a movie. I would recommend turning the AC all the way up for this film but probably a good idea to have blanket handy still! Make sure to send some invites as this is definitely a family affair! See you guys next week!