Hi folks! So today I wanted to touch on the subject of collectibles, which I find fascinating by the way. Now I remember the 80’s with great fondness (I am showing my age here) and one of the icons of the 80’s was Old Spice aftershave and cologne. Now by modern standards, it was rough as nails, but it was extremely popular and affordable back during that great decade and can still occasionally be found on a store shelf if you look hard enough. It is one of those products that instills a sense of nostalgia the moment you see or, in this case, smell it!

Well it turns out that Old Spice collectibles is actually “a thing”! Who knew!? If you search the internet, classified ads and auction websites you can find tons of the stuff for sale and it’s popularity is unprecedented! Well I was totally intrigued and inspired to share my old spice musings. So here we go!

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Old Spice

Old Spice was available for sale as far back as 1937! It is a true vintage fragrance! It’s popularity stemmed from its relative affordability. Old Spice enjoyed a resurgence in 2010 after launching the fastest growing viral video campaign online in history! It received nearly 7 million views in just 1 day! This is as good a testament to the popularity of the product as any. The original owners, Shulton (of India) sold the rights to Proctor & Gamble some time back. However, they included a clause in the deal that allowed for them to continue producing it also. As a result, there are now two differing types of Old Spice available on the market, with the Indian version allegedly more true to the original.

I fondly remember the 1980’s Old Spice advert with the surfer and the beautiful blonde lady. It is only 30 seconds long but is truly mesmerizing and undoubtedly iconic of that era! The more recent video that went viral is also a good watch.

In terms of Old Spice collectibles, there is a pile out there to choose from, including full sets, old tins, the admiral decanter, soap on a rope, deodorant, cologne, aftershave, mugs, shower gels, lather sticks and shaving brushes amongst others! You can check out all that the internet has to offer on this topic by clicking here: Old Spice Collectibles

But why collect Old Spice paraphernalia? Well why not for heaven's sake? It is a truly personal and subjective decision as is collecting anything. It is purely because that particular item(s) speaks out to you and grabs your interest.

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Collecting Old Spice

Compared to other forms of collecting, collecting Old Spice paraphernalia has the bonus of being cheap and readily available. It is something the whole family can become involved in together and there are wider communities online that you can also join. You’d be surprised at how popular it actually is. Although most people get involved purely by chance, it is thoroughly addictive and can soon become one of the primary aspects of your day-today life. I kid you not!

The key, as with anything is to not spend more than you can afford and or have room to store. Otherwise the whole endeavour can get out of control and be rendered unmanageable. Keep it streamlined and organised for best results!

Old Spice Stories

Are any you readers old enough to remember Old Spice during it’s heyday? Does your father or grandfather still have a half empty bottle in the bathroom cabinet? Indeed, are any of you old enough to have actually worn it and used the soap and shaving cream? Have any of you got got an existing Old Spice Collectibles collection that you could write in about to share with us? We’d love to hear all your Old Spice Stories, however peculiar they may be! I remember that my little brother emptied a whole bottle of my dad’s Old Spice bath soaps into the tub as it was running. By the time my mother returned to the bathroom there were bubbles oozing out of the door and down the staircase! You can’t make that stuff up, seriously, ha ha! I’m sure some of you have got similar funny stories to tell. Drop us an email and give us all a giggle!

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If you want to learn more about fragrances in general and vintage fragrances like Old Spice in particular, you can check out this website for more info:

Anyway folks, it’s about time I wrapped this up. I hope you have enjoyed my insights into the world and history of Old Spice and Old Spice collectibles. And if you had no interest in the brand before reading this, I hope that this post has changed your mind and inspired you to learn more.

Bye for now!