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    Greetings and salutations good people(bad people can leave), welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog. I was looking through some old shows I got from my school when it shut down and found my copy of Walking with Dinosaurs. This was the best documentary style show when I was a kid, it wasn’t just shots of people in rooms talking to a camera but instead solid dinosaur action. I watched this every day in elementary school during our dinosaurs month, and every time I could after that. They have re-aired a slightly altered version called Prehistoric Planet, but excluded the gruesomeness of the show. I personally don’t think this is needed, nature itself is gruesome and I don’t see why we should hide that from kids, that's how we get people that don’t realize the chicken they eat was an actual living chicken, but I digress. This original show was amazing.


    BBC had more shows in the ‘Walking with’ series and they are all equally amazing. Walking with Beasts followed walking with Dinosaurs, and showed early mammals including tigers, whales, and eventually even humans. This took place approximately 70 million years after the extinction of the dinosaurs, yet they were able to still capture the magnificence of all these extinct species. This show was followed by Walking with Cavemen, a four part series that followed humans through early evolution and discussed Neanderthal and early Hominin species. A fourth main show was also made, Walking with Beasts that covered life before the DInosaurs and featured giant reptiles and arthropods. The BBC also made 3 specials, one dealing with Big Al, an Allosaurus with many injuries that has become famous post mortem. Another detailing the real life adventure of a zoologist searching for dinosaurs, with a neat time travel element to keep the show fresh. The last series dealt with giant fish and swimming reptile species from before, during and after the dinosaurs. I would recommend all of these if possible. My wife just got home from buying a copy of Walking with Monsters, so I will see you guys later!


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