Creative Vision

Hello there everybody. Welcome back to my art blog. Today I want to talk about creative vision. As artists it is essential that we visualise in our mind’s eye what we are trying to achieve and how we want our piece to look before we even put paint or pencil to paper. If you do not start out with a level of intent then you are not truly producing a piece of art. You are merely putting paint on paper with the hope that something will materialise. This is not the mark of a true artist at all. Every great artist who has ever lived had a mental image of their final piece long before the easel was set up and the paint mixed. Some artists find this pre-visualization harder than others, but it is a skill that can be learned through process and practise. Try it before you create your next piece and make a mental comparison once finished. And be sure to take notes to refer back to a later date. In time, the process will become easier and easier and, for some, second nature. Once you have mastered this skill you will be on the road to becoming a true artist. Anyway folks, just a short post this time around. More a thought for the day than blog post really. Apologies for being brief but lots to do. But I will be back soon with a more substantial post that I know that you are going to love. Speak soon!

 creative vision