Hello my fellow readers. Do you like art? And do you like cooking as well? So here is the perfect match for you! Chef's Table. It is an American documentary web series, each episode portraying a world-renowned chef and his way to the top as well as his philosophy upon cooking. It was launched by Netflix in 2015. There are three seasons available. Each consists of six episodes dealing with one peculiar character. For more information please check out the following Netflix website

Food like Art

In every episode the master in Chef's Table sautés, fillets, fries and bakes as if there is no tomorrow. Ingredients are vacuumed, shock frozen and puréed, gelatinized, distilled and evaporated. All according to the molecular kitchen. At least, they all have been inspired by Ferran Adrià. Some are explicitly following the Spanish chef. Thus, the dishes served often resemble modern art.

Artful Dish

There is not a single episode where the chef is not creating a fragile turret with a pair of tweezers or rearranging ingredients precisely on the plate. You can easily display the dishes in a gallery as a modern piece of art, if they wouldn't spoil that quickly.

Of course, you can't cook the dishes shown here anyway. But it is a great way to get inspired. And maybe you can grab an old recipe off Granny or a descent cook book and start to create your own stunning dishes. If you are looking for more inspiration, you can grab a nice cook book off

Not Just Food

But this show is not just about cooking and Haute Cuisine. Often the creations are even less important. In fact, the soul of this series by film-maker David Gelb are the very different personalities and their stories. But due to this little trick, Gelb is able to tell about their history and their philosophy of cooking.
Every single episode is a little drama, a drama about the portrayed chef and the seemingly insuperable obstacles he had to overcome in order to be successful and to launch a great carrier.

Landscape Dish

The classic feature film drama with a fundamental conflict and the according struggle for a solution is the heart of each episode. Already in the first one, this concept is pushed to the top. There is one episode where a chef's taste buds are damaged caused by cancer. Other struggle with personal dramas like the loss of beloved ones.

Every story told describes an artist's path to himself. That makes Chef's Table also exciting for viewers who are less interested in Haute Cuisine. It is extremely exciting to see how the biographies of the chefs, their experiences, emotions and relationships are impacting their work. It is simply a great show. And if you like more stuff like that, you may also check out for the latest releases.

Final Words

Chefs Table shows in a wonderful way that one can impressively document the profession of the chef, even without sensational or melodramatic elements. For every very individual character, a lot of time is taken in that format, showing it's way, it's struggles as well as ups and downs. This documentary is more than just about food. That's why I highly recommend this series to everyone.

Molecular Dish

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