30 Rock

Hey everyone, I would like to welcome you all back to my arts and entertainment blog. I just spent that last 3 hours watching the fifth season of 30 Rock and I must say, I am impressed. The fifth season of a TV show is normally considered the downhill area, where jokes have been re-hashed to many times already and characters have either developed into something that is too far from the original or not developed at all. This doesn’t seem to be an issue for this show, with Tina Fey and her self deprecating humor surprising us all over again.

30 rock 

In case any readers out there have never watched this show, it focuses on the cast and crew of The Girly Show, a show very similar to the real life Saturday Night Live which all main cast members from 30 Rock have spend a considerable amount of time on. The cast features Tina Fey as the head writer, with Tracy Morgan as an eccentric star used to bump up ratings, Jane Kowalski as the Girly Show’s girl and Alec Baldwin as the executive for not only NBC, but its various parent companies throughout the show.

Unlike most long standing comedy shows, 30 Rock tries to stay away from the toilet humor and the crude comedy, and instead make a satire out of modern day issues and regular occurrences. The show has had some memorable guest stars and has been helpful in launching the careers of many B rated comedy actors. An interesting note is that Tina Fey is the writer for the show and also the writer for the imaginative show TGS, while still writing for Saturday Night Live.