30 Rock

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30 Rock

Hey everyone, I would like to welcome you all back to my arts and entertainment blog. I just spent that last 3 hours watching the fifth season of 30 Rock and I must say, I am impressed. The fifth season of a TV show is normally considered the downhill area, where jokes have been re-hashed to many times already and characters have either developed into something that is too far from the original or not developed at all. This doesn’t seem to be an issue for this show, with Tina Fey and her self deprecating humor surprising us all over again. Read more

Chef's Table - Cooking and Art

12/03/2017 Main

Hello my fellow readers. Do you like art? And do you like cooking as well? So here is the perfect match for you! Chef's Table. It is an American documentary web series, each episode portraying a world-renowned chef and his way to the top as well as his philosophy upon cooking. It was launched by Netflix in 2015. There are three seasons available. Each consists of six episodes dealing with one peculiar character. For more information please check out the following Netflix website Read more


Make A Living Out of Your Passion For Movies

15/02/2017 Main
Make A Living Out of Your Passion For Movies

Do you love watching movies? Do you want to work within the industry but aren’t sure how to get into it? Well, there are a few things that can help you get involved with this passion and make a good living at the same time. You don’t have to move to Hollywood to get this done either, you can work from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a passion for movies, you can make a living out of it, and here are a few ways that you can do just that. Read more


Documentary Shows

24/11/2016 Main
Documentary Shows

    Greetings and salutations good people(bad people can leave), welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog. I was looking through some old shows I got from my school when it shut down and found my copy of Walking with Dinosaurs. This was the best documentary style show when I was a kid, it wasn’t just shots of people in rooms talking to a camera but instead solid dinosaur action. I watched this every day in elementary school during our dinosaurs month, and every time I could after that. They have re-aired a slightly altered version called Prehistoric Planet, but excluded the gruesomeness of the show. I personally don’t think this is needed, nature itself is gruesome and I don’t see why we should hide that from kids, that's how we get people that don’t realize the chicken they eat was an actual living chicken, but I digress. This original show was amazing. Read more

Review Ice Age (2002)

19/11/2016 Main
  1. Review Ice Age (2002)
  2.  Hey everybody, welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog. Today I am back at you with another movie review, a classic from my youth; 'Ice Age'. I scoured websites to find a used VHS copy as  the original VHS copies of these classic kids movies always seem better and finally found one at along with lots of other old used movies. Back to the mammoth meat of this article though, the classic Dreamworks animation film that is 'Ice Age'

Ice Age Movie Read more


Road tripping.

15/11/2016 Main

Road tripping.   Read more

Cinema's Coming Home

25/10/2016 Main
Cinema’s Coming Home

Welcome back folks.  Still looking at all things digital, Today I wanted to tell you about an exciting home entertainment project I’m planning to work on and hopefully share a few ins and outs with you about the process.  We moved house recently and it just so happens that we’ve gained an additional spare room at the back of the house, which is perfect for converting into a home cinema.  It’ll take a bit of preparing the room before we look at installing the TV (or projector) and speakers but I’m sure we’ll have everything up and running, in no time. Read more

Creative Vision

07/10/2016 Main
Creative Vision

Hello there everybody. Welcome back to my art blog. Today I want to talk about creative vision. As artists it is essential that we visualise in our mind’s eye what we are trying to achieve and how we want our piece to look before we even put paint or pencil to paper. If you do not start out with a level of intent then you are not truly producing a piece of art. You are merely putting paint on paper with the hope that something will materialise. This is not the mark of a true artist at all. Every great artist who has ever lived had a mental image of their final piece long before the easel was set up and the paint mixed. Some artists find this pre-visualization harder than others, but it is a skill that can be learned through process and practise. Try it before you create your next piece and make a mental comparison once finished. And be sure to take notes to refer back to a later date. In time, the process will become easier and easier and, for some, second nature. Once you have mastered this skill you will be on the road to becoming a true artist. Anyway folks, just a short post this time around. More a thought for the day than blog post really. Apologies for being brief but lots to do. But I will be back soon with a more substantial post that I know that you are going to love. Speak soon! Read more

Digital Art

06/10/2016 Main

If you follow this blog then you’ll know that I’m an artsy kind of guy but I work in the field of technology. My job pays the bills, but my passion for art inspires me. Some people find it quite strange when they meet me and talk to me about art then find out that I work in software. For most people art and technology are polar opposites but they are not for me. There have always been connections between art and technology. In some-ways technology has helped to define art for as long as there has been art. Originally paintings were crude stick figures drawn in ochre on a cave wall. The development of canvasses and different paint pigments allowed artists to push the limits of what they were capable of and they used the new technology to express themselves in ways they were unable to before. The relationship between the two has carried on throughout history with artists taking advantage of brighter pigments, tools to create sculptures, cameras, video, screen printing and a host of other technological breakthroughs. Read more

Gaudis Barcelona

06/10/2016 Main

For those who don’t know me, I should tell you about my love for the grand city of Barcelona. Ever since I went as a young(ish) lad, I have loved the Catalan capitol. The stunning architecture, the mix of old and new, the incredible food, the stylish people – it truly is a place where angels tread. I love the hustle bustle of Las Ramblas, the claustrophobic beauty of the old town and the blistering white sand of the beach. Even the football stadium is a place where dreams are made with one of the most successful teams in the world, with an arch-rivalry with the old enemy Madrid. Read more

Old Spice Collectibles

18/05/2016 Main

Hi folks! So today I wanted to touch on the subject of collectibles, which I find fascinating by the way. Now I remember the 80’s with great fondness (I am showing my age here) and one of the icons of the 80’s was Old Spice aftershave and cologne. Now by modern standards, it was rough as nails, but it was extremely popular and affordable back during that great decade and can still occasionally be found on a store shelf if you look hard enough. It is one of those products that instills a sense of nostalgia the moment you see or, in this case, smell it! Read more

Robert De Niro Snr

21/04/2016 Main

One of my favorite modern artists is Robert De Niro. No, not the Godfather but Roberd De Niro Senior, father to the ubiquitous character we all know and love. Born to an Italian American father and Irish American mother. De Niro studied art with Josef Albers and then later with Hans Hofman, both renowned modern artists in their own right. De Niro had a very instinctive approach to art and his studies with Hofman led him to be inspired by both abstract expressionism and cubist formalism.  Read more

The best Medium to Use

21/04/2016 Main

I have been using a variety of mediums for some time now but working out which I like to use the most has been difficult for me. Some days I love to work with charcoal and others I prefer to express myself with oils. I have been experimenting quite a lot with portraiture and one of my nieces has asked me to create a portrait of her. She has left all the creative decisions up to me, including what medium to use. I asked if she would like it be a pencil sketch or embrace the use of bold colors, for example, but she just wants to see what I can come up with without direction. I’m quite nervous about this challenge. My niece is a very trendy young student. I think the modern description for her would be that she is a ‘hipster’, although I’m not convinced she’d be happy about my use of this term! I don’t want to create something that she thinks is dull, old-fashioned or not hip enough.  Contrary to the majority of my art, I like to keep it really simple with portraiture and use pencil. I like the way the pencil can represent every line, shade, crease and feature of a face, with more detail than paint can, or at least for someone with my ability to use paint. The problem is, my niece has a bright, colorful character and instinctively I want to capture this when I draw her. Should I just stick to what I am good at? At least if she finds a pencil portrait boring she will be impressed by my technique and the likeness. I’m just scared that a simple pencil drawing will be dull and not something she wants to show off or display on her wall.  I really enjoy studying portraits that have been create in the style of ‘Fauvism’. Fauvism, named so after the French for Wild Beasts, ‘Les Fauves’, uses bright unnatural colors in the place of natural coloors. In portraiture this can create some fascinating shading and, in my opinion, can capture the soul or the aura of a person. Henri Matisse used a Fauvism approach to his art and I would like to experiment with this myself. In fact, I think just writing this blog has convinced me to go bold and bright when making a portrait of my niece. It’s young fresh and funky and I think she’ll really love it. Read more


My Love for Art

19/04/2016 Main

Hi there, my name is Michael and I have decided to start writing about my love for art. My day job is quite dull, I’m an accounts manager for a software firm and have very little room for creativity at work. Most aspects of my job are formulaic and mundane. Outside of work, however, I spend time honing my drawing and painting skills, visiting art galleries, reading about art, keeping up to date with trends in modern art and purchasing art. I love modern art and have very little interest in classical art to be honest. This blog will document what art means to me and hopefully be an informative and interesting read for you. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.